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Spam (posted 07/30/2009 3:37 AM by Victor)

Well, we got spammed. Big time. By a whole botnet. Wow, guess we should be honored somebody takes such an effort. Anyway, I just captcha'd the spammer out. And deleted the spam - took me one simple SQL query, no botnet involved here.

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Highspeed ;) (posted 07/03/2008 11:11 PM by Dekar)

I just installed a modification for out Apache server which provides an awesome speed boost.
My other page, the wc3edit.net forum, feels around 5-6 times faster.
Just felt like it'd be worth a news.

greets Dekar

New server (posted 01/31/2008 6:04 PM by Victor)

After our downtime nearly two weeks ago, we decided to move to a new server. So, here we are. :-) Our domain provider will probably need another day or two to reconfigure our domain, so in the meantime you will see our IP in your browser's address bar. Shouldn't interfere with anything, though.

It was just like, you know, BASH!, ... (posted 01/21/2008 5:51 PM by Victor)

... and it was broken. Our server went down saturday morning for whatever reason we don't know and it took our hosting provider until now to repair this. Sorry for the inconvenience!
(By the way, we're on a VPS at Host Europe. So just in case you were thinking about starting your own website, ... well, you know. ;-) )

We're Web2.0 and stuff (posted 01/17/2008 1:37 AM by Victor)

All the cool guys like Google or YouTube have these even cooler dynamic websites. You know, you type or click something and then the site changes according to what you did. Without reloading or stuff. So I though, "hey, we're cool, too!" and coded something like that for our BASH voting. Just try it out!

(and no, this is not AJAX, we're not copycats xD)

It's just past 5 AM here... (posted 12/16/2007 5:06 AM by Victor)

...and that's the best time of the "day" for a geek to finish some PHP coding. So, I've got some pretty new features for all you hard-working BASHers!

  • You may now link to individual BASHes. Just click it's ID in the title line to get the URL.
  • You may now create you own OPEN-BASH.org account. This way, you get an attribution for your posts.
  • We got a comment system! By the way, you need an account to use this. ;-)

I might also add such nice little personal profile pages so you can brag with your BASH count. Maybe I will... depends on x-mas preparations and how much you pester me about it. ;-) Just drop us a mail - or post a comment to this news item, of course!

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Welcome to Open-Bash.org (posted 11/07/2007 6:22 PM by Dekar)

Open-Bash.org is going to be the webs biggest chat quote archive,
so add new content and become a part of us!
You can also rate the quotes to sort out crap and reward the best!

greets Dekar

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