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It's just past 5 AM here... (posted 12/16/2007 5:06 AM by Victor)

...and that's the best time of the "day" for a geek to finish some PHP coding. So, I've got some pretty new features for all you hard-working BASHers!

  • You may now link to individual BASHes. Just click it's ID in the title line to get the URL.
  • You may now create you own account. This way, you get an attribution for your posts.
  • We got a comment system! By the way, you need an account to use this. ;-)

I might also add such nice little personal profile pages so you can brag with your BASH count. Maybe I will... depends on x-mas preparations and how much you pester me about it. ;-) Just drop us a mail - or post a comment to this news item, of course!


Xantan, 12/29/2007 6:52 AM

thank you for the news, I find giving a url with the bash to be very important for me to want to contribute more often. I like the account, idea. =]

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