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on Web,

Kalle: what do u wanna kno
Kalle: ...
Alpha-Omega: nothimng
Kalle: I dont have much ****in time
Kalle: tell me now
Kalle: hurry
Kalle: or my fries will get burned
Kalle: in my pan and stuff
Kalle: HURRY
Alpha-Omega: fu hard
Kalle: wtf is ur problem
Alpha-Omega: you
Kalle: are u eating curry or what?... are u complaining about it?
Kalle: huh?
Kalle: what about those kids in india and stuff?
Kalle: u dont even care... even though u are their father abraham=
Kalle: so what the **** is ur prob
Alpha-Omega: fu hard
Kalle: its always the same... dipshit... u plumb it like a kitten which is dying... cuz of aids and litter
Kalle: O.o
Kalle: wtf am i talking about
Kalle: mmmmmk
Kalle: :D
*Alpha-Omega quit*


Bartimaeus, 07/09/2008 3:27 AM

Nah, I think I did it. :D

Kalle, 07/07/2008 8:07 PM

never did anything :/

might have been Alpha-Omega... but seriously... no need to push my posts O,o
kinda embarassing whatever I wrote up there ^^

Dekar, 07/03/2008 11:20 PM

He and Alpha-Omega just thought it'd be funny to vote it all the way up ;)

Kalle, 04/07/2008 7:09 PM

i am :P

Bartimaeus, 03/05/2008 11:35 PM

Kalle's quotes seem to be the funniest, heh.

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