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on some other network, chat

(19:19:34) Bartimaeus: YouTube is retarded.
(19:19:50) Bartimaeus: I try to sign up, and it says the name hasn't been taken already.
(19:20:13) Bartimaeus: I hit the submit button, everything goes...and then they ask if I have a Google account.
(19:20:30) Bartimaeus: I say, "nope", and then they say the name is already taken.
(19:20:48) UndeadxAssassin: Who needs to sign up, lol
(19:20:51) Bartimaeus: I'm like, "Um...okay...I might've created it in the past, dunno", so I try to reset the password.
(19:21:01) Bartimaeus: And then they say the account doesn't exist.
(19:21:04) Bartimaeus: wtf.
(19:21:19) UndeadxAssassin: Ownfaced.
(19:22:42) UndeadxAssassin: o.o
(19:22:56) Bartimaeus: ZOMG. Now it says that my account name is already in use.
(19:23:12) Bartimaeus: And the password I chose is incorrect.
(19:25:34) Bartimaeus: This is retarded.
(19:25:40) Bartimaeus: Now I can't get my name back.
(19:25:41) UndeadxAssassin: So is this
(19:25:46) UndeadxAssassin: I have NO idea what I'm doing.
(19:25:57) UndeadxAssassin: Baertimaeus, then!
(19:25:59) Bartimaeus: lol
(19:26:12) Bartimaeus: What're you doing, anyways?
(19:26:21) UndeadxAssassin: Or....BarrTimAyuz...?
(19:26:30) UndeadxAssassin: Anatomy o.o
(19:26:43) Bartimaeus: Bar-Tim-Ay-Us.
(19:26:49) UndeadxAssassin: UZ
(19:26:55) Bartimaeus: Wait. May-Us.
(19:26:55) UndeadxAssassin: And BARR
(19:27:15) UndeadxAssassin: BrattyMaeUZ
(19:27:16) UndeadxAssassin: o.i
(19:27:26) Bartimaeus: Gosh, forget this. That guy can remain ignorant.
(19:27:28) UndeadxAssassin: zz one of my eyes shrunk on accident
(19:27:44) Bartimaeus: How am I bratty?
(19:28:02) UndeadxAssassin: Uh.
(19:28:02) UndeadxAssassin: idk
(19:28:03) Bartimaeus: Wait, we need to start a new conversation without this context.
(19:28:17) UndeadxAssassin: It was a typo once and it suck
(19:28:22) UndeadxAssassin: stuck*
(19:28:32) ChatBot: FatherSpace logs into the Chat.
(19:28:32) Bartimaeus: Yeah, one hand typing is a pain, (even though that's not what you're doing).
(19:28:37) FatherSpace: Barty!!
(19:28:41) Bartimaeus: I know from my bloody nose rampage.
(19:28:45) Bartimaeus: Hiya, FatherSpace.
(19:28:56) FatherSpace: Finally you actually get in chat...
(19:28:56) UndeadxAssassin:
(19:29:10) UndeadxAssassin: He doesn't say hi to me when you';re in here D:
(19:29:11) Bartimaeus: You do have me added on Messenger for a reason.
(19:29:13) Bartimaeus: ._.
(19:29:20) UndeadxAssassin: zz typos give me headaches.
(19:29:21) FatherSpace: Doesn't everyone?
(19:29:27) UndeadxAssassin: BACK TO WORK
(19:29:28) Bartimaeus: Well, jeeze, of course he doesn't. He's sucking up.
(19:29:29) UndeadxAssassin: BLAH
(19:29:33) Bartimaeus: Lol, ok.
(19:29:50) Bartimaeus: My leg is asleep.
(19:30:24) Bartimaeus: Jeeze, I have to stay up like another five hours, and I'm already ready to fall asleep.
(19:30:54) Bartimaeus: And I woke up REALLY late today.
(19:31:26) Bartimaeus: Gosh, YouTube sucks.
(19:31:32) Bartimaeus: HOW DO I CREATE AN ACCOUNT!?
(19:31:47) Bartimaeus: It goes back between saying my account already exists and that it doesn't.
(19:31:53) FatherSpace: At the top-right, it says "Create Account" in bold letters.
(19:32:01) Bartimaeus: I know, but it doesn't work!
(19:32:16) FatherSpace: Well, you probably just fail hardcore or something like that.
(19:32:21) Bartimaeus: No doubt.
(19:32:44) Bartimaeus: I tried signing up, said my account name was free, then I tried completing it, and it said it already existed.
(19:32:50) Bartimaeus: Tried to reset password, but then it said account didn't exist.
(19:32:53) Bartimaeus: WTF?
(19:32:54) FatherSpace: Waily.
(19:33:12) FatherSpace: What's the username?
(19:33:16) Bartimaeus: NordomW
(19:33:29) FatherSpace: It doesn't exist... Probably.
(19:33:33) Bartimaeus: Now it says that the account is already in use.
(19:33:45) Bartimaeus: But it didn't before, and it's not the password I deisgnated.
(19:33:51) Bartimaeus: designated*
(19:34:22) FatherSpace: brb
(19:35:32) Bartimaeus: wtf?
(19:35:44) Bartimaeus: It says an email was sent to ********@********.com.
(19:35:48) Bartimaeus: WTF DOES THAT HELP WITH?
(19:36:08) Bartimaeus: At least not with all those asterisks.
(19:37:02) ChatBot: FatherSpace has been logged out (Timeout).
(19:37:03) ChatBot: FatherSpace logs into the Chat.
(19:37:07) FatherSpace: Grrr me smash!!
(19:37:12) FatherSpace: Firefox is being icky to infinity.
(19:37:28) Bartimaeus: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(19:37:34) Bartimaeus: It's trying to reset my GOOGLE email.
(19:37:53) Bartimaeus: I want to fix my friggan' YouTube, my email is fine!
(19:39:55) Bartimaeus: Okay, so I reset my password.
(19:39:59) FatherSpace: We should get Bart fixed...
(19:40:13) Bartimaeus: I accidentally mistyped the second confirmation of the password, and it still accepted it.
(19:40:25) FatherSpace: How do you know you mistyped it?
(19:40:33) FatherSpace: Maybe you didn't, but you just think you did?
(19:40:34) Bartimaeus: Because it was one asterisk short.
(19:40:45) FatherSpace: Wow... Epic fail.
(19:40:55) Bartimaeus: It was lined up perfectly with the one above it, and it was one short.
(19:41:00) Bartimaeus: And I still hit enter, and it accepted it.
(19:41:34) Bartimaeus: So I reset it again.
(19:41:36) Bartimaeus: lol
(19:42:38) ChatBot: FatherSpace has been logged out (Timeout).
(19:42:39) ChatBot: FatherSpace logs into the Chat.
(19:43:01) Bartimaeus: Why does it keep trying to reset my Google password when I want it on YouTube?
(19:43:17) FatherSpace: Doesn't they be linked or something?
(19:43:29) Bartimaeus: They use different accounts, so it shouldn't matter.
(19:43:51) Bartimaeus: When I hit, "reset password" on YouTube, I except it to reset my password on YOUTUBE, not GOOGLE.
(19:43:58) Bartimaeus: I go to GOOGLE to reset my password on Google.
(19:44:14) Bartimaeus: No wonder I don't haven account on YouTube.
(19:44:22) Bartimaeus: have*
(19:45:09) FatherSpace: *have an
(19:45:17) Bartimaeus: Oh, yeah.
(19:45:18) Bartimaeus: lol.
(19:45:33) Bartimaeus: I can't even resign up on YouTube, because it says it's already in use.
(19:45:47) FatherSpace: Bart smash!
(19:46:46) Bartimaeus: That was the only name I had that wasn't taken.
(19:47:14) UndeadxAssassin: I got 100% on my online quiz !
(19:47:29) Bartimaeus: Alright, then you should be able to help me think of another name.
(19:47:35) UndeadxAssassin: o_o
(19:47:36) Bartimaeus: Make me a cool name, UndeadxAssassin.
(19:47:43) UndeadxAssassin: JennyRulez
(19:47:46) UndeadxAssassin: Done.
(19:47:47) UndeadxAssassin:
(19:47:57) Bartimaeus: ...
(19:47:59) UndeadxAssassin: DEKAR!
(19:48:09) ChatBot: reeree logs into the Chat.
(19:48:11) Bartimaeus: Already taken, lol
(19:48:39) reeree: AlphabetSoup
(19:48:45) reeree: lol
(19:48:47) UndeadxAssassin: Taken by some guy in Singapore o.o
(19:49:02) reeree: FootUpYourAss
(19:49:03) Bartimaeus: Already taken, as well.


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