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on Real Life

Here is another one from my dad.

Dad: So, there's these two guys in a bar near the top of the Empire State Building. Both guys have been drinking quite a bit. The guy in a blue shirt says to the other guy, "Dude, do you know that if you jump out of this building, there's air currents going around the building, that when you get near the bottom of the ground, they'll stop you, and push you back up into the fifteenth floor?" The other guy is like, "No way, dude. If you think I'll even THINK about trying that, you're crazy!". So the guy in blue says, "Come on, I'll show you." So, he opens a window, and jumps out. He's falling, falling, falling...and right as he's about to hit the ground, he stops, and then is pushed up by the air currents, and into a window on the fifteenth floor. The other guy is watching, sees it, and meets the guy in blue as he's coming up the elevator. Guy in blue says, "See? I told you." Other guy: "No way, man. There's no way that's going to happen again. That was just some fluke...there's just no way...". Blue guy says, "Come on. I'll show you." So he jumps out again...he's falling, falling...and once again, he stops right before he hits the ground, and is shot up from the air-currents into the fifteen floor. They meet back up at the bar, and the other guy is like, "Oh my gosh...that's CRAZY. I'll have to try it." So the other guy goes towards the window, breathing heavily...and jumps. Falling, falling, falling...SPLAT. The guy in blue is looking, and shakes his head. The bartender says, "You're an asshole when you're drunk, Super Man."


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