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on Real Life, ...P.S. My dad was a little drunk. XD

So, here I was...playing computer. My dad randomly asks me if I want to hear a joke. So, I'm like, yeah, sure. Here's the joke:

Dad: Right, so there's this guy with a glass eye. He's a very self-conscious person, and he doesn't like the fact that everyone knows it's a fake eye. His one eye goes over this way...and then the glass eye just goes all around. And people make fun of him for it.
Dad: So, he goes to his doctor, and tells him, "Doctor, I just HATE this glass eye. People make fun of it ALL the time." Doctor says, "Well...there is a way that we could replace it...the only thing would be that it's wood."
Dad: They do the surgery, get it replaced...etc, and it goes well. Immediately afterwards, the guy goes partying. He's dancing and stuff, and he's pleased because nobody can tell it's a fake. Then he sees this lady, who is sitting all alone. He notices that one of her legs is wooden, and then feels bad, because he can relate. So he walks up to the lady, and asks her if she would dance with him.
Lady: "Would I..!"
Guy: "Well, fuck you, peg-leg!"


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