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on some other network, chat immortalizing moments of Jen being wrong and me being right since late 2007

(21:12:48) Bartimaeus:​forums/read/7.406182-Razer-Will-H​onor-90-Percent-Coupon-Codes
(21:14:12) UndeadxAssassin: If only I had heard of that earlier :o
(21:14:18) Bartimaeus: I know! :|
(21:14:28) Bartimaeus: Would've gotten one of everything. ;o
(21:14:34) Bartimaeus: and then sold most of it
(21:14:53) UndeadxAssassin: It says they're only doing your first item purchase o.o
(21:14:55) UndeadxAssassin: lrn2reed
(21:15:05) Bartimaeus: I thought it was one of each item purchased, o.o
(21:15:22) Bartimaeus: "Razer won't honor multiple unit orders made with the code, but will allow customers who placed them to buy one of each item ordered."
(21:15:24) Bartimaeus: lrn2reed
(21:15:28) UndeadxAssassin: ur face.


UndeadxAssassin, 06/15/2013 3:29 AM

(21:44:04) Bartimaeus: Jen, I deleted the entire .j file of a map, and it still doesn't crash, o.o
(21:45:15) Bartimaeus: Aw phooey, you were right, Jen.
(21:45:25) Bartimaeus: I put "RANDOM FUN STUFF WOO" right after function main, and it crashed, ;o

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