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on Phone, wc3.edit

(15:09:21) ChatBot: GeorgeMots logs out of the Chat.
(15:10:32) Shigekazu: My George is gone :(
(15:10:44) Shigekazu: now i'm stuck with you losers
(15:10:48) Shigekazu: jk jk <3
(15:10:51) Shigekazu: <3 all of you
(15:11:22) ChatBot: (735319) logs into the Chat.
(15:37:55) ChatBot: GeorgeMots logs into the Chat.
(15:38:11) GeorgeMots: Im back having internet issues
(15:38:30) Shigekazu: I missed you
(15:38:45) GeorgeMots: already?
(15:38:50) GeorgeMots: well hold on a sec
(15:39:04) GeorgeMots: Read this
(15:39:04) GeorgeMots:​-chat-f7/i-m-away-i-m-back-topic-​t6199-360.html#p148405
(15:40:57) Shigekazu: Cooking 3 months straight?
(15:42:57) Shigekazu: They made girls for a reason.
(15:43:09) GeorgeMots: yes :D
(15:44:01) Shigekazu: How am I supposed to ride my ostrich to battle without Epic George?
(15:44:15) Shigekazu: Or pee on the curve of the toilet to make less noise.
(15:44:39) (735319): @George:​/Readme
(15:45:01) (735319): Had to write a readme for some filesystem I developed at university
(15:45:16) (735319): And I feel like it is pretty hilarious
(15:45:38) Shigekazu: I'm not opening that virus ;O
(15:46:05) (735319): it's a text file -.-
(15:46:21) Shigekazu: the worst ones
(15:53:05) Shigekazu: so uhh..
(15:53:14) Shigekazu: You found a text file hilarious?


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