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on some other network, wc3edit chat

(19:12:33) Bartimaeus: Hmm, well, I hope my sister hasn't been kidnapped.
(19:12:36) UndeadxAssassin: CONNECTION 403 AGAIN?!
(19:12:39) UndeadxAssassin: wut
(19:12:48) FatherSpace: What happened, Bart?
(19:12:48) UndeadxAssassin: Bart that's so random o.o
(19:12:58) GeorgeMots: oh w/e lets troll
(19:13:02) UndeadxAssassin: xD
(19:13:07) UndeadxAssassin: Bart's more important ;o
(19:13:21) Bartimaeus: She walked out of the house saying that she was going over to some friends, and it's been like two hours, and my mom is trying to get a hold of her, which she's been unable to.
(19:13:27) Bartimaeus: I can also hear three car alarms going off.
(19:13:28) UndeadxAssassin: o.o
(19:13:45) GeorgeMots: how old is she?
(19:13:52) UndeadxAssassin: Older than Bart ;o
(19:13:56) Bartimaeus: I haven't a clue. Probably 17.
(19:13:58) AbusivePie: Are kidnappings common in Germany?
(19:14:00) AbusivePie: Wtf
(19:14:00) UndeadxAssassin: wut
(19:14:06) AbusivePie: You don't know how old your sister is?
(19:14:09) Bartimaeus: Nope.
(19:14:10) UndeadxAssassin: Epic fail
(19:14:15) GeorgeMots: is she cute?
(19:14:17) AbusivePie: My brother is 24
(19:14:23) UndeadxAssassin: I saw that coming.
(19:14:25) GeorgeMots: :D
(19:14:29) Bartimaeus: Sure, but that doesn't make up for her...fiery...personality.
(19:14:33) AbusivePie: He said Jen was around his age o.o
(19:14:38) UndeadxAssassin: I don't think George cares ;o
(19:14:40) AbusivePie: But i dunno how he knows how old you are...
(19:14:47) Bartimaeus: By sure, I mean I'm her brother and I'm entitled to say it.
(19:14:48) Bartimaeus: :P
(19:15:08) AbusivePie: You are entitled to say she is cute?
(19:15:11) Bartimaeus: so that's not saying I'm not asexual.
(19:15:13) GeorgeMots: Its not really a problem the personality
(19:15:20) Bartimaeus: Sure, if someone asks.
(19:15:23) Bartimaeus: On the internet.
(19:15:25) AbusivePie: O.o
(19:15:29) AbusivePie: Bart are you cute?
(19:15:30) UndeadxAssassin: George, you depress me.
(19:15:31) Bartimaeus: Actually, on the internet, I should probably say she looks like an ogre or something.
(19:15:43) GeorgeMots: :D
(19:15:52) UndeadxAssassin: And yet, I totally saw it coming.
(19:15:59) UndeadxAssassin: You should hook up with Dekar's sister!
(19:16:10) GeorgeMots: Dekar has a sister????
(19:16:13) AbusivePie: I hear she gets people wet
(19:16:18) GeorgeMots: Nice
(19:16:23) UndeadxAssassin: She got Dekar wet ;o
(19:16:25) Bartimaeus: Yeah, Lanaya, GeorgeMots.
(19:16:28) UndeadxAssassin: ew
(19:16:41) UndeadxAssassin: Don't make fun of Dekar like that ;o
(19:17:01) ChatBot: caiocarv logs into the Chat.
(19:17:04) Bartimaeus: K, she wasn't kidnapped.
(19:17:09) FatherSpace: Hooray!
(19:17:11) caiocarv: hello
(19:17:13) AbusivePie: Good to hear o.o
(19:17:13) FatherSpace: Anyway, I'm quoting you, Bart.
(19:17:16) Bartimaeus: I guess.
(19:17:22) Bartimaeus: On what, FatherSpace?
(19:17:31) FatherSpace: (19:13:56) Bartimaeus: I haven't a clue. Probably 17.
(19:17:37) Bartimaeus: lol
(19:17:45) GeorgeMots: :P
(19:17:55) AbusivePie: Jen, was your age ever correct on this site?
(19:18:07) UndeadxAssassin: "(21:22:43) Dekar: there was this drunk guy going postal with some garden water sprinkler - totally wetting my sister
(21:22:51) Dekar: and some others I didn't care about
(21:23:01) Dekar: what did she do? come over and hug me
(21:23:14) lichistheman: I smell incest.
(21:23:34) Dekar: incest? she just made me totally wet XD"
(19:18:15) UndeadxAssassin: George is interested ;o
(19:18:28) UndeadxAssassin: Uh
(19:18:30) UndeadxAssassin: Mehbe
(19:18:31) FatherSpace: I'm tempted to add an extra line from George.
(19:18:40) UndeadxAssassin: I've been 21 since I've been on here o.o
(19:18:43) FatherSpace: (19:14:15) GeorgeMots: is she cute?
(19:18:43) Bartimaeus: I thought his real sister hated him.
(19:18:53) AbusivePie: ehh my brother said it showed you as 24 ;o
(19:18:56) GeorgeMots: I could say something about wet but dekar would ban me
(19:19:00) Bartimaeus: And was insane, like his mom,
(19:19:01) AbusivePie: like 2 years ago
(19:19:17) GeorgeMots: @fs: i dont mind, it would be funny
(19:19:24) FatherSpace: Right.
(19:19:31) ChatBot: caiocarv logs out of the Chat.
(19:19:46) ChatBot: caiocarv logs into the Chat.
(19:19:53) UndeadxAssassin: I should find you the picture of her that he posted ;o
(19:19:54) AbusivePie: Bart's sister is too young for me
(19:20:03) UndeadxAssassin: Not for George xD
(19:20:15) GeorgeMots: 14 and more is good
(19:20:21) AbusivePie: >.>
(19:20:34) Bartimaeus: I have a TF2 scrim in an hour. Blargh.
(19:20:40) AbusivePie: I'm guessing there is no statutory rape in Greece
(19:20:41) FatherSpace: Bart's sister is old enough for me, but I'm taken. And Bart would skullfuck me.
(19:20:44) UndeadxAssassin: So, George, you interested in Dekar's sister?
(19:20:44) UndeadxAssassin: ;o
(19:20:46) UndeadxAssassin: I have her pic
(19:20:58) Bartimaeus: lol
(19:21:02) GeorgeMots: send it
(19:21:06) UndeadxAssassin: WARNING! |cFF000080ESB uses a name spoofer.
(19:21:09) UndeadxAssassin: damnit banlist
(19:21:12) AbusivePie: lol
(19:21:15) GeorgeMots: lol
(19:21:16) UndeadxAssassin:​5/quit-it-already-t18570-40.html#​p132813
(19:21:23) UndeadxAssassin:
(19:21:32) GeorgeMots: ...
(19:21:39) caiocarv: Hello guys
(19:21:40) GeorgeMots: i prefer that alien lanny posted
(19:21:42) Bartimaeus: LOL.


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