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(05:01:09) ]SouL][ReapeR[: My name's white. I feel so naked.
(05:01:14) Bartimaeus: lol
(05:01:21) ]SouL][ReapeR[: See when you got cheater status, you feel..
(05:01:25) Bartimaeus: I could make you pink...
(05:01:32) ]SouL][ReapeR[: That
(05:01:33) ]SouL][ReapeR[: is awesome.
(05:01:40) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Watch them be jealous of it though
(05:01:43) Bartimaeus: But I unfortunately don't have permission.
(05:01:45) Bartimaeus: ...
(05:01:47) ]SouL][ReapeR[: :(
(05:02:58) ]SouL][ReapeR[: In any case, when you're a cheater, you be wearing that $200 jeans man
(05:03:09) ]SouL][ReapeR[: When you're a mod, you..
(05:03:09) Bartimaeus: ...what about admin?
(05:03:19) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Play God.
(05:03:24) Bartimaeus: lol
(05:03:33) Bartimaeus: Done that - what else?
(05:03:40) ]SouL][ReapeR[: You get all the ladies
(05:03:48) Bartimaeus: I'm asexual.
(05:03:51) Bartimaeus: -.-
(05:03:52) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Hot
(05:03:55) Bartimaeus: lol
(05:03:57) ]SouL][ReapeR[: You get a mirror
(05:03:58) Bartimaeus: What?
(05:04:02) Bartimaeus: lol
(05:04:06) ]SouL][ReapeR[: a $8000 mirror
(05:04:10) Bartimaeus: ...being an admin is starting to sound really sucky.
(05:04:13) Bartimaeus: XD
(05:04:21) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Well
(05:04:23) ]SouL][ReapeR[: You get
(05:04:28) ]SouL][ReapeR[: um
(05:04:45) Bartimaeus: Hm.
(05:04:46) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Well the better question is
(05:04:48) ]SouL][ReapeR[: what don't you get?
(05:04:51) Bartimaeus: lol
(05:04:56) Bartimaeus: Well, what DO I get?
(05:05:00) Bartimaeus: Then I'll know.
(05:05:04) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Rights to talk to Dekar.
(05:05:11) Bartimaeus: I had that before.
(05:05:14) Bartimaeus: ._.
(05:05:19) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Well no one else does
(05:05:21) ]SouL][ReapeR[: I don't even have that
(05:05:24) Bartimaeus resigns.
(05:05:25) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Notice how he's silent
(05:05:29) ]SouL][ReapeR[: The moment I exit chat
(05:05:33) Bartimaeus: lol
(05:05:36) ]SouL][ReapeR[: He will explode with stories about how he wanted me gone
(05:05:39) ]SouL][ReapeR[: because he wanted to tell stories.
(05:05:41) Bartimaeus: if I were to...say...kick you..?
(05:05:48) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Dekar will be like
(05:05:49) ]SouL][ReapeR[: FINALLY
(05:05:53) Bartimaeus: lol
(05:05:53) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Wall of text
(05:05:58) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Then the moment I log back on he afks
(05:06:05) Bartimaeus: XD
(05:12:39) ChatBot: Dekar logs out of the Chat.
(05:12:43) ChatBot: Dekar logs into the Chat.
(05:12:44) ]SouL][ReapeR[: See
(05:12:45) Bartimaeus: lol
(05:12:48) ]SouL][ReapeR[: SEE
(05:12:49) Bartimaeus: wb, Dekar
(05:12:50) ]SouL][ReapeR[: He logged back on
(05:12:52) Dekar: still not gone -.-
(05:12:52) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Not even speaking
(05:12:55) Dekar is afk
(05:12:58) Bartimaeus: XD
(05:12:59) ]SouL][ReapeR[: SEE
(05:13:05) Bartimaeus: Haha.
(05:13:20) Bartimaeus: I love how you twisted his words into an entirely new meaning, XD
(05:13:37) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Watch him
(05:13:39) ]SouL][ReapeR[: Dekar is back
(05:13:41) ]SouL][ReapeR[: when I exit
(05:13:46) Bartimaeus: ...


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